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Las Vegas Apartment Trends (2019′ Q2)

20 August, 2019

How to save for a down payment

19 August, 2019

Investing in Multi-family

09 August, 2019


Las Vegas Apartment Trends (2019′ Q2)

Las Vegas Apartment Trends – The Lied Institute for real estate studies at the UNLV Lee Business School has just published its Las Vegas Apartment Market Trends report for Q2, 2019. The median apartment rent in the Las Vegas metropolitan area for 2019’Q2 was $1,069, or $1.21 per square foot. This represents about a 5 […]

How to save for a down payment

First time home buyers in Las Vegas take nearly eight years to save for a down payment for their dream home. The time frame is derived by factoring in the amount a renter pays for housing in Nevada and the required 10% down payment. Another study by Realty Trac shows that it takes an average […]

Investing in Multi-family

Investing in Multi-family real estate can be very rewarding, especially when it’s in Las Vegas!  It offers residual income, price appreciation, and the safety of owning a hard asset.   You may have grown up living in a rental home and seen your parents giving money to the landlord every month.  It is easy for you […]

Las Vegas Open House Mistakes

Las Vegas open house mistakes occur every day and we want to do our part to make them better for our readers selling their homes! An open house in Las Vegas can be an important part of your home selling strategy. You need to get it right if you are going to sell your home […]

Nevada Housing Market Update – June 2019

The Nevada Housing Market Update for June 2019 has just been published by The Lied Institute for Real Estate Studies at The University of Nevada Las Vegas. is pleased to offer the report summary here as well as a link to the entire report. Nevada Housing Market Update – June 2019 – Summary of Findings Las […]

Investing in real estate? Consider these 6 tips

Investing in real estate? Consider these 6 tips before you begin.  Making a real estate investment is always a great choice, however, people are usually faced with so many questions that they might be potentially deterred from making such an investment. So let’s discuss several factors that you should consider before making such a major […]

Want to sell your home faster? Consider these 5 buyer incentives

Want to sell your home faster?  Consider these 5 buyer incentives. Your Las Vegas home is finally on the market and its time to begin the selling process. Now that it’s listed, attracting the attention of genuine buyers (we define a genuine buyer as having their down payment ready and being pre-approved by a quality […]

Tips for first-time Las Vegas home sellers

Hello first-time Las Vegas home sellers!  Today’s real estate market is very competitive. As a first-time home seller chances are, you’ll find the whole process riddled with a lot of confusion. Economists nationally are predicting a major increase in home sales in the coming years. It’s important that you prepare yourself to avoid any and […]