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Nevada Housing Market Update – May 2019

19 June, 2019

Siena 55+ Community in Las Vegas

13 June, 2019

Multi-Family Real Estate in Las Vegas

13 June, 2019


Nevada Housing Market Update – May 2019

The Nevada Housing Market Update for May 2019 has just been published by The Lied Institute for Real Estate Studies at The University of Nevada Las Vegas. is pleased to offer the report summary here as well as a link to the entire report. Nevada Housing Market Update – May 2019 – Summary of […]

What Credit Score Do I Need to Buy a House?

What Credit Score Do I Need to Buy a House?  Lots of renters out there wasting tons of cash and not participating in the real estate market because they think their credit score isn’t good enough to buy a home.  Let’s stop the madness renters!  Here’s all the info you need to answer the question […]

All Paws on Deck: How to Keep Your Pets Safe in and Outside the Home

Today in Las Vegas, Nevada our temperature will likely hit 100 degrees for the first time this summer!  With temperatures reaching into the hundreds we are reminded how important it is to take care of our pets. We absolutely love our pets here at so we thought it would be a good idea to […]

Maximize Your Home Selling Profit

Maximize your home selling profit Las Vegas!  Here at, we know one absolute truism about home selling: homeowners that sell their homes quickly and for top dollar are happy. We didn’t go out on much of a limb with that one, did we? Let’s face it, selling a home is hard work and nobody […]

12 Reasons Your Las Vegas Home Hasn’t Sold

You were so excited to put your Las Vegas home on the market, you finished your improvements, your Realtor took pictures, and you started packing anticipating a fast sale and having to move in thirty days. 40 days on the market, tick-tock… 90 days on the market, tick-tock… 120 days on the market… While you […]

First-time Las Vegas home buyer

Elizabeth, a first-time Las Vegas home buyer was thrilled to be finally moving into her new home. The day arrived, the movers were there on time and, for the first time since the final walk-through, she opened the door to her first Las Vegas home. Since she had a case of water bottles with her, […]

Home is Possible for Teachers

Home is Possible for Teachers!  Hello Nevada teachers, we are writing to you directly because we have news that should be very important to you. Have you heard of the Nevada Housing Divisions Home is Possible for Teachers program?  This homebuyer program is like extra credit for teachers who help make Nevada a great place […]

5 Las Vegas Home Seller Myths

You would be surprised how many first-time and even some repeat home sellers harbor certain myths.  Let’s bust 5 Las Vegas Home Seller Myths right now!  More than half of today’s Las Vegas home sellers are selling a home for the first time, according to recent housing trend reports. That’s a whole lot of Las […]